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Business waste management and recycling

There are many aspects that need to be considered when running a business. Outflow and inflow, overhead costs, labor regulations and even the safety precautions and insurance are just some of the many factors that come into play. One of the very important factors that is often slighted or forgotten is the issue of waste management. Waste management provided by a waste management company in a business process is as important as getting the raw material and making the final product. If waste is not properly disposed off in the correct manner, it can lead to lower productivity rates and also harm the environment to a great extent. Experts in the field are Cawleys who can offer office recycling at your place of work.

Waste or garbage as we know it is basically all the remains, by products or unnecessary products that are designated to be thrown away. One needs to realize that such items cannot just be thrown in the bin and forgotten about. It is a binding and legal requirement of all companies and businesses to engage in the sorting and correct disposal of garbage to prevent any climatic changes in the future that could also lead to an epidemic on the whole.

Business or commercial waste is disposed of by many agencies that offer their services online in different ways. There are a lot of companies that are doing their share to provide these services so as to protect us from the hazards of waste pollution. They also offer services that can help you with new ideas as to how you can dispose off waste in a more efficient manner. The waste that is disposed off your sites of work are managed in the following ways:

  1. LANDFILL: Landfill is a method that is used for garbage and waste that can be termed as non hazardous and the recycling of which does not need any processing before being reused. Landfill sites are planned with great care and the type of waste thrown there is also regulated so as to ensure that there are no chances of infection or disease to spread in the neighboring areas. The waste collected in this manner is usually used as a rock bed for future constructions or even as a site for making manure or fertilizers.
  2. INCINERATION: The method of disposal by burning is also known as incineration. This is used as an effective method in places where the waste cannot be recycled or is hazardous in nature. This is an effective tool for all hospitals and small nursing homes or clinics and any companies and businesses that are dealing with the concept of health care. Disposables used in operating rooms, tools, syringes and tube etc. are disposed off effectively in this manner.
  3. RECOVERY: The recovery method is one of the most important and tedious of all the methods of recycling waste. It involves the process of sorting out the recyclable and non recyclable types of discarded materials and then re distribution of all that can be used by other companies or organizations before it is not usable any more. Paper and plastics are good examples of this type of waste. It is said that one sheet of paper can be re written in a printer 8 times before it becomes unusable. Such methods are very important in playing a crucial role in saving the environment.

Are You Raising a Thrifty and Eco-friendly Child

eco-kidOne of the many values that we can teach our children is the art of saving. Saving does not only mean setting aside enough money for future use. Saving also means being eco-friendly and green. For example, buying LED light bulbs is a good tip to save energy than buying cheap incandescent light bulbs. Why? It has been known and proven that LED bulbs are more durable, more lasting, and more energy-efficient. It stays cool to the touch and the energy it consumes is all converted to light up an area. Despite its steep price compared to regular light bulbs, LED bulbs can save you on your utility bills, providing you more dollars to spend on future special and more important instances. How can we teach our children to save? What are some items that we can teach our children to save?

When it comes to saving, money is always on top of the topic. It is one of the most important topics everywhere from a small family to a very industrialized country. The financial aspect of a group is critical because money is a very powerful issue. In a family setting, money can help us raise well-fed, well-educated, and well-sheltered kids; hence, it is but imperative to teach them how to be frugal. The topic on money with children should start before they turn 7 years old because children at this age already have reasoning capability and they’re easier to teach about money matters compared to younger tots. There are many ways to teach them how to save money, and providing them with a piggy bank is the best tip. You can give them a penny per day to be put into their piggy bank as they get a chance to watch the pennies grow. When they’re older, you might want to introduce with them the concept of bank savings account. You teach your child to set aside at least 10% of their allowance to save. Open a junior’s saving account for them and show how to add deposit the money. Showing your kids the progress of their money through their pass book can make them feel excited and inspired to save more. Another tip in teaching your kids to save is to set aside a particular amount of money when you go to the grocery and make sure that the kid sticks to the budget.

Saving electricity is another issue that parents should tackle with their kids. Simple rules ranging from switching the TV off; switching the lights OFF; turning the electric fan OFF; and the likes are very simple and easy electricity-saving tasks that children above 6 years old should be learning at home. Aside from saving energy, they’ll also learn to be responsible in terms of energy use.

Raising a thrifty and eco-friendly child also means raising a child who loves to eat vegetables and fruits because they’re not only nutritious, but more affordable than imported foods as well. In effect, the child will grow well-nourished and not prone to sickness since his taste buds are used to the taste of vegetables and fruits. Although it can be challenging to make kids like these foods, introducing him such taste at an early age will make the goal easier to accomplish rather than making him/her eat such foods later in life. In addition to that, always remind your children to cook their own food at home, so they can be assured of meals that don’t contain MSG, preservatives, additives, and the likes. These unhealthy substances are commonly found in restaurant and fast food meals.

Finally, raising an eco-friendly child depends on your habit, too. As a parent, you need to show your children that you are also a believer of the goodness of being as environment-friendly as possible. You can start practicing such good habit by using washable diapers instead of the disposable ones and nursing your baby instead of using formulas. Both options are all-natural, safe, and healthy. While reusable diapers are kind of expensive, the savings that you can enjoy in the long run is the factor that cheap, disposable diapers cannot provide. On the one hand, breast milk is totally free and totally safe, so nurse as long as you can. When it comes to eating veggies and fruits, it is not enough that you tell them to eat such foods. It is imperative that you also eat these healthy options, too. Make sure that your toddlers are playing environment-friendly toys, too. Only choose bamboo-made or wooden toys for them to play with and use only soap, shampoo, and other baby products that are made of all-natural ingredients. Products with chemical compounds can irritate their skin and cause injuries to their lungs and eyes. Lastly, teach your kids the proper ways of recycling. Tell them the method the easy way, so they’ll understand the concept of recycling. And don’t expect your kids to follow rules overnight. Repeat them again and again to inculcate it in their hearts and minds.

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5 million Gmail addresses, passwords leaked

It’s good news/bad news time. The bad news is that someone got his or her hands on nearly 5 million Gmail addresses and corresponding passwords and made them all public. The good news is that even if your Gmail address is on the list, the password may not be your Google password, and may also be too old to merit much concern.

Does your face speak louder than words?

Physiognomy, or the theory that we can make assumptions about a person’s character based on their facial features, was once widely supported. The concept doesn’t have as many fans as it once did because most attempts to draw relationships between face and personality have been discredited; however, a new study finds that when it comes to first impressions, particular features do communicate specific personality traits with surprising consistency.

Virtual therapists are better at getting people to open up

Ellie is a lot like most therapists. She listens, she asks tough questions, and she’s always ready with perfectly timed “uh-huh” intended to keep you talking.
But Ellie isn’t human — and according to a recent study, that’s one of her greatest strengths.
Ellie is a computer created by psychologist Albert “Skip” Rizzo and computer scientist Louis-Philippe Morency at the University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT).

Tired? Take a coffee nap

When you’re tired, it’s common to pour a cup of coffee or take a power nap, but research shows that combining the two is more effective than simply doing one or the other.
The “coffee nap,” as it’s been called, works because of how caffeine and sleep interact with a molecule called adenosine.

How to Have Eco-friendly Play Sets for Kids

eco-play-setChildren from any age need toys to help them develop socially, mentally, and physically. Toys can also aid in their emotional progress as well as communication skills. Because some parents deem toys as an irrelevant material that bore kids in the future, they give just about any toy to their children, specifically the cheap options. Sad to say, most cheap toys are made of plastics and non-sustainable materials that are not only short-lived, but also risky to children’s health because of the toxic materials that they may contain. Therefore, it is imperative that parents should start seeing toys as an investment that help their children develop fully, and not as a material that kids will get bored in the future. Here is a list of some factors to consider when it comes to your children’s toys and art sets.

Wooden or Bamboo-made Toys – So far, such toys are considered to be the most environment-friendly toys in the market, thanks to the sustainability of both materials. Wood and bamboo can replenish itself and quite abundant, especially in grasslands and wooden areas. Bamboo grows itself easily without too much aid from people. It’s a grass and grows at wetlands and moist areas. Some gardeners are creating developments on organic bamboo. Apart from that, most toys made of these materials are quite more affordable, too. On the one hand, some wooden toys may have finishes. Opt for those that don’t contain one. Finishes and coloring contain toxic chemicals that can cause respiratory and skin woes. Wooden cars, push toys, kullala, pull along toys, ride-on toys, and the likes are great examples of environment-friendly.

Organic Textiles – Dolls are definitely one of the most grabbed toys in the market. The popularity of dolls has spanned through centuries ranging from eerie looking dolls made of rags and scarves and even grasses and leaves sewn together to modern dolls made of carefully-chosen textiles. When it comes to dolls, make sure to go for those that are only made of organic textiles. Also, look for stuffed toys that are made of upcycled fabric and repurposed textiles.

Vegetable and Plant-based Crayons and Coloring Materials – There was a time when a certain brand of crayon was banned from bookstores because of its toxic ingredients. Since then, manufacturing companies started to formulate coloring materials that are made of au natural ingredients such as plant or vegetable based ingredients. Brands like eco-kids, Wee Can Too, Earth Paints LLC, and Endangered Species are some of the leading manufacturers of eco-friendly coloring materials for kids including art toys such as dough, craft sets, art kits, coloring tubes, chalks, and many others.

Recycled Materials – If you can find toy sets that are made of recycled materials, grab it. You don’t only help reduce the tons of wastes at landfills, but you also keep your children’s health at bay from toxic chemicals. You might want to check Giggle’s upcycled jump rope that’s made of unused climbing rope or their Ecosaucer that’s made of recycled plastic milk cartons. Green Toys is another toy maker company that makes use of recycled jugs of milk sans traces of BPA, phthalates, and PVC. The toys are then packed in 100% recyclable cardboard and are mostly made of HDPE2 plastic, which uses considerably lower amount of energy compared to incorporating virgin plastic.

These are the major factors that responsible parents should mainly consider before paying for any kids’ toys. It has been shown that plastic made toys contain chemicals that can get into the kids’ body can contribute to a plethora of diseases including colds and flu since the chemicals target their immune system. Another thing to consider is to keep at bay from jewelry and sparkling toys. These play sets have high chances that they contain lead, another popular illness-causing chemical. For parents who are planning to have 2 or more children, go for toys that are lasting. Forget the price. You can easily hand the toys down to the siblings without necessarily buying new ones every year. This is by far one of the most efficient green methods when it comes to toy keeping and buying. You can also donate them or put them on sale in the future. In addition to that, read labels very well. You can find warning signs or materials used in the packaging of toys in the market, which helps you become aware of its content. Finally, go conventional by playing with your kids. If you must, get down and dirty; build sand castles with them; create a mini art attack session at home; or play as their patient. Play time will never be the same with parents and kids will surely never think of having new toys when they know that they can play with you with just about any play set in the area. Introducing other activities such as reading books reduces play time and need for more toys as well.

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The Best Manufacturers of Green Toys

eco-toysParents will want to keep their children at bay from diseases as much as possible. While giving them organic foods and vitamins and supplements are two proven ways to boost their health, giving them green toys is another way to make sure that they’re not at risk from the toxic chemicals, specifically lead, BPA, and phthalates, used in most toys these days. While plastic-made toys are cheap and very accessible, they aren’t the best choice because they contain chemical compounds that are found to trigger cancer, asthma, and other degenerative and respiratory ailments. Don’t wait for your child to get sick before you start replacing the bad ones with the green ones by considering play sets manufactured from the following creators of green toys.

BeginAgain – Based in Colorado, BeginAgain is a toy company that constantly produces imaginative toys that’s jam-packed with imaginative and kid-friendly options. All the choices are bundled with stories, playful mechanisms, history, and many other features that are sure to tickle those little minds and five senses. With products that are made of hard wood, plantation grown rubber wood, 100% recycled plastic, natural rubber, and natural cotton, you can be confident that your child is dealing with environment-friendly and non-hazardous toys every day. Apart from that, BeginAgain offers a vast plethora of toys and play sets for children of different interests. Whether your child is an aspiring Picasso, a Beckham die hard, or a Stephanie Meyer wanna-be BeginAgain has all the basic stuffs that they need to develop.

Green Toys – When it comes to green toys, everybody knows Green Toys, one of the leading manufacturers of toys made from eco-friendly materials and spearheaded by Robert von Goeben. If you think the name rings a bell, it should because he is also the founder of Propellerhead Studios, a top notch company that specializes in the creation electronic toys and games. All products from Green Toys are made of recycled materials specifically plastic milk jugs and sustainable pieces that help reduce wastes in landfills as well as carbon footprint in the planet. They also use natural ingredients including its packaging and label, so anxious parents are guaranteed that Green Toys have no traces of toxic substances that may put their children’s health at risk. Aside from that, the toys are locally made in California, USA and are processed using environment-friendly techniques that require lower amount of energy only. Currently, Green Toys have already recycled 21, 688, 875 and counting. The energy that the company saves can power a TV for three weeks and a laptop for a month.

Hape – Hape is not only known for its creative and environment-friendly toys that are meticulously controlled to ensure that each product is of high quality. From the very beginning of the production procedure up to the very last method used to create toys, Hape makes sure that each piece is made with ingenuity without sacrificing the planet. Because of these, the company only uses renewable materials, which mostly comprise of bamboo, energy-efficient production methods, water purification systems to recycle water, as well as the numerous partnerships programs that it established to various organizations for the construction of schools and edifices for children and their families in rural China.

Pebble – If you are looking for knitted toys that are never an inch boring, you might want to collect toys from Pebble. They largely come in various shapes, sizes, and characters and in a splashes of color. Whether you have a son or a daughter, a knitted Pebble toy can surely keep them company anytime as the toys are soft and cushioned. The materials aren’t only durable and eco-friendly, but also manufactured using fair trade. Aside from providing smiles to your kids, you also help uplift thousands of women in Bangladesh since they are the ones who are behind these wonderfully knitted and cushioned toys. A renowned American distributor of Pebble in the US is Kahiniwalla.

Petit Collage – If wooden toys are in your list, make sure to check out some of the bestselling wooden toys from Petit Collage. Founded by artist and mother Lorena Sminovich in 2006, the company has continued to grow and expand as it continues to provide joys to children and adults all over the world. Petit Collage is not only renowned for its various handcrafted art materials such as wall decors, gifts, and personalized arts, but also for its numerous and creative wooden play sets mostly for toddlers. Their toys are made of high quality, renewable and recycled materials, which are all handcrafted to greatly minimize carbon emissions in the process. The combination of her love of art and eco-friendly materials makes Petit Collage toys educational and enticing without any signs of insipidness.

While most of these toys aren’t on the affordable side, just imagine how much help you are giving to our planet and to the people who are benefitting from these companies’ efforts and profits. Aside from that, these toys are also health and kid-friendly, the top factors that you should consider when you want to make your kids enjoy their childhood with toys.

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Greenify your Wardrobe

eco-apparelsLet’s first define what a green wardrobe is. Basically, it’s not just about the hue, but it’s about the content of the wardrobe. A green or eco-friendly wardrobe is one that contains enough clothing or recycled fabric pieces or apparels bought from eco-friendly shops and designers. A green wardrobe is one that is made out of sustainable materials and sound labor practices. In other words, eco-friendliness is not limited to the installation of solar panels or the unplugging of unused appliances or the consumption of organic foods. Eco-friendliness runs in the fashion industry, too, so you can stay as fashionable as you can be without ruining your budget as well as the environment. Having a green wardrobe is surely an achievement because of three reasons. Firstly, an eco-friendly wardrobe helps keep the environment in its stable condition. Secondly, a green wardrobe is a pocket-friendly wardrobe. Finally, a green wardrobe is always a stylish wardrobe. Who would not ever want to stay chic and modish without putting a hole to your pocket and at the same time helping our planet stay healthy?

1. Recycle or repurpose old clothes. Never throw or dump old clothing. There are gazillions of people in this world who have not experienced wearing any decent and proper clothing because they don’t have the access to do so. Aside from that, eco-friendly designers are encouraging people to restrain from buying new clothing as textile wastes are building up. Recycling and repurposing them are ways to at least diminish the buildup of these supposedly useful pieces. You can turn old, baggy shirts into sleeves tops or midriff shirts and too short jeans into summer shorts. You could actually go to the beach with the sleeveless midriff paired with your favorite swimwear and shorts. An old, boring top can be hand sewn with sequins or spiced up with colorful prints. If you love sewing, you can always reconstruct your clothing to any fashionable piece that you can find from your favorite magazine. However, if you don’t have sufficient time to do any of these, you can always give them to relatives or sell them away for a purpose. I’ve known a friend who’s been encouraging her friends to give her their old and unused clothing. She then sells the pieces and the proceeds are used to fund a whole day of fun and food on Christmas for the children in a local orphanage.

2. Never patronize fake or knock-off designer bags. Chances are the workers for this niche are children and adults working in unprotected premises at very low wages. These items are sold at very low prices, so you can just imagine the malpractices and the lack of proper attention to the workers. Apart from that, fake or knock-offs have very low quality, so they don’t last long, adding more garbage to your wardrobe.

3. Patronize the products manufactured by eco-friendly designers and brands. There are actually a number of popular designers out there who upcylces garment wastes, swatches, and textiles while others only use sustainable materials when creating apparels. They also practice fair trade and buy most of their materials from poor and less privileged countries such as Africa. If you are into luxury fashion, check out some of Stella McCartney’s soulful and dramatic pieces, which are made of sustainable materials using cruelty-free and vegan fabrication practices. She’s also managed to create a sustainable fabric technology without sacrificing the quality of her products. Other popular names in the fashion industry who has switched to eco-friendliness include H&M’s Conscious Collection; Diesel; Yoko Ono, Lauren Bush Lauren; Lauren Conrad’s travel collection; Gwyneth Paltrow’s items; Jessica Alba’s fashionable baby goodies at Honest Company; and so many others.

4. Accessorize. If there is one thing that you need to have in your wardrobe in order to stay as modish as possible, it would have to be the right accessories that speak for yourself. Go for pieces, which should not necessarily be expensive, but really versatile and complementary to most of your apparels. For example, a thin, white belt can complement just about any top or dress while a pair of dangling earrings can definitely add oomph to a simple top. With the right accessories, you don’t need to splurge more on clothing since you can always mix and match them with your bling and belt.

5. Go local. Buying locally made wardrobe pieces and accessories is a green method as you help alleviate the lives of your local businessmen as well as diminish the chemicals and fuels used to transport imported products to your place. You might also want to buy second hand clothing. They’re cheaper, greener, and modish, too. Some celebrities even splurge at thrift shops without jeopardizing their own fashion taste. You can also befriend a local tailor who can help you reconstruct old clothing into trendy pieces.

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Fighting Cancer the Green Way

fighting-cancerApparently, cancer is becoming a common disease these days despite the spread of methods and ways to live a healthy life naturally. While cancer is a curable disease, it is not undeniable that it is still one of the most dreaded diseases in the world. It is a degenerative disease that takes away loved ones after a long, agonizing period. This year, it is important that we start living our lives the green way and learning how to fight cancer the green ways as well. Although most of those who had cancer are due to genetic composition, it is still very possible, and, in fact, a large number of cancer patients have acquired the disease because of their unhealthy lifestyle and polluted environment. Here are some green ways to fight the disease and prevent from having one.

Consume green foods only, and by green foods, we mean healthy and natural foods like fruits and vegetables. One of the many reasons that people get cancer is through an unhealthy diet. Loading on tons of processed foods, salt, and sugar deliberately stock the toxins within the intestinal walls, which can then create a plethora of diseases including cancer. Consequently, non regular bowel movement could lead to colon cancer as food wastes stick to the walls of the intestine for a long time. These food wastes are dubbed to be the food of bacteria and cancer cells. However, if you stick to an all-natural meal where the biggest portion is composed of green, leafy veggies and fruits, you can be guaranteed of a healthier body that lasts longer. Dr. Tam Mateo, the first naturopathic doctor in the Philippines and a Cancer Nutrition Specialist who furthered his medical education at the Clayton College of Natural Healing in Alabama, USA, recommends eating fruits and vegetables for at least two months to let body cells heal naturally and to replenish it with good cells. A lot of people swear by his all-natural recipes and the benefits that they’ve reaped out of following his customized protocol religiously. On the one hand, eating healthy foods does not only help you cure cancer, it also helps you achieve a youthful look, glowing skin, and disease-free life.

Consequently, keep at bay from processed, cured, pickled, and sugary foods. These are high in carcinogens that can trigger cancer cells in the long run. In addition to that, do away from foods with MSG and additives that add flavor to the meal. Meanwhile, meat, specifically red meat, is dubbed to be one of the culprits of cancer. While it contains protein, the fatty compounds can trigger the growth of any cancer cell formation, so choose poultry and fish options instead. Most cancer patients tend to love eating foods that contain mayonnaise, which has been found to have very high fatty compounds as well as preservatives and additives. Needless to say, always go for fresh foods rather than packed choices. The same goes to drinks. Water, homemade juices, green tea, and the likes are still the most preferable drinks compared to coffee as well as carbonated drinks. Reduce intake of thoroughly cooked foods such as fries, pizza, baked goods, peanut butter, and popcorn. Deeply fried and cooked foods release acrylamide, a substance that’s high in fats that trigger cancer cells.

Say no to alcohol and smoking. Alcohol may be good for your health when consumed the right away. A glass of wine everyday may help reduce inflammation of veins and lower the risk of cardiovascular woes, but if the glass becomes bottles that you get to consume every night with your friends and peers, then it’s not a healthy practice anymore. Alcohol has compounds that damage healthy cells and DNA, which can lead to cancer cells in the long run. On the one hand, smoking is undoubtedly a very unhealthy habit. Research shows that a cigarette stick contains at least a hundred chemicals that are critical to the body’s major organs.

Avoid a sedentary lifestyle. A life without exercises is a life that’s prone to various diseases. Cancer cells cannot thrive when your body is well-nourished and active. When you perspire, the toxins that have stuck in your cells slowly melt, which are then flushed out of the body thru your skin. When this happens regularly, you can expect to have replenished and renewed cells every time, which is very unlikely for cancer cells to thrive. Having an active lifestyle also keeps you fit and at bay from diseases related to obesity and being overweight.

Know the best cancer-fighting foods in the market. Fruits like cantaloupe, blueberries, soursop, and vegetables like broccoli, kale, celery, cucumber, garlic, and carrots are all proven and tested to help diminish traces of cancer cells in the body because they’re very high in anti oxidants, carotenoids, and essential vitamins that keep body cells healthy.

Indeed, you don’t really have to buy thousands worth of medications just to prevent cancer from entering your system. All you need are in your local market at very pocket friendly prices. While cancer is curable, it is still best to find ways to prevent yourself from becoming sick of cancer.

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Want an extra 46 minutes of sleep? Work by a window

Until architects can incorporate some of the impossible engineering of M.C. Escher’s surreal images into their designs, large office buildings and factories can only have so many walls with windows. That leaves many workers toiling away without exposure to natural light.